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How many law schools are there in the U.S.?

I would like to become a lawyer and I just want to know exactly what my options are. #law #lawyer

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3 answers

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Natalia’s Answer

Hi Paige!
Right now there are 206 law schools approved by the American Bar Association. This is a LOT of schools, so during your search you might want to think about location, price and size! This will definitely help to narrow down your choices.

Good luck!

In addition to the information provided by Paige, there are an additional 32 law schools which are not approved by the American Bar Association. These schools tend to be less expensive. However, graduates of these schools generally can only take the bar exam in those states that provide an exemption for that school, which will significantly limit where you can practice law. Todd A

You would want to focus on one of the ABA approved schools if your goal is to be able to take the bar and practice law as an attorney. Jenna Zebrowski, JD, MBA

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Sonya’s Answer

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Richard’s Answer

There are 204 ABA accredited law schools, divided between 203 with full accreditation and one with provisional accreditation.

Career choices as an attorney are endless. There are medical malpractice attorneys, tax attorneys, criminal attorneys, real estate attorneys, personal injury attorneys, attorneys that represent corporations, and on and on. You can probably find an attorney type for whatever interests you.