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How do you keep focus on your classes?

Sometimes I find it hard to focus on my classes when doing online classes. There are so many web sites that I'd like to spend my time on instead of doing homework. How do you stay focused? #college #focus #motivation #study-skills #organization #classes #online-classes

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4 answers

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Sue’s Answer

Just like Sarah and Taylor suggested, tune out any distractions, this includes the TV or other media not needed for you to complete your class work. Consider getting a large calendar and hanging where you will see it regularly that lists the study times and what you will study, i.e., 10-11 am-study for history test. Be sure to list other commitments you have, social outing, birthdays. This will allow you to see the "awards" you will have once you get the work done.

Do you have a separate room with a desk or table with a comfortable chair where you can organize your computer space, books and other materials you need (pens, pencils, papers, etc.). Close the door, put a note that this is study time and to not be disturbed. Have water/healthy snacks...available when you study. This will hopefully minimize the excuse of being hungry/thirsty and getting up to grab something, only to be side-tracked. (Studying on the bed or couch makes it too easy to get comfortable and loose focus.)

Planning time to study is hard and it will get harder and more difficult if one allows themselves to get behind. Start school with a plan of when, where and how long you will study. Reach out to students or the instructor and ask for study tips. Form a study group with a few students. This will help hold you accountable. There is no one schedule or plan that works for everyone, as everyone learns differently. What do you need to study, flash cards, an outline, full page of notes, etc. Make the schedule flexible so that is something changes...you do not get off track and use that as an excuse to not do the work.

Plan, organize, schedule.

Good luck


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Taylor’s Answer

1. Out of sight out of mind - if the distractions are physical (ex: phone) then put it in another room while you need to focus
2. Time block - if you tell yourself you'll focus for 30 minutes straight and then take a break to enjoy something, you'll be far more motivated to crank out your work!
3. Remember to take those breaks - I highly do not recommend working straight for more than an hour. Your brain needs breaks!
4. Get enough sleep, exercise and nutrition to ensure your brain is working optimally
5. Gather a support system - have parents, friends, spouses, colleges, etc. hold you accountable for your goals

Hope this is helpful!

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Abby’s Answer

Hi Andrea! I think you'll find some good tips here: https://www.careervillage.org/questions/110488/how-do-i-continue-to-stay-focused-while-studying

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Sarah’s Answer

Andrea, I hear you! I work on a computer all day, mostly using internet-based tools, and it's sooooo hard to ignore all the browser tabs that I have open for social media sites, publications I like to read, etc.

One thing that helps me focus is closing all my browser tabs except the ones I need to have open in order to complete my task. Especially the tab I keep open for email – my inbox is the black hole where my productivity goes to die! Also, try closing non-essential applications on your computer: chat, videos, and anything that sends little notification pop-ups. Having fewer temptations and distractions in my field of vision means I'm naturally able to stay on task better. And all my messages are still there waiting for me when it's done ;o)