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What things can I do during pursuing my bachelor's degree to improve my chances of getting accepted into medical school?

Updated Patterson, California

I am asking this question because I would appreciate all the advice that I can get on this question. I don't have anyone that can really guide me in this whole process, and some advice on the route that I should take would really help.

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Aly’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

No matter what your major is in college, you should do as well as you can academically. You don’t have to be a biology or chemistry major to get into medical school, but there are science classes that are required to take. Find an activity you like and excel in it as best you can. That might mean volunteering in your community (doesn’t have to be in a medical related experience but that would provide you some great experience). Take on leadership roles in clubs or other organizations on campus. Consider shadowing a doctor in a field you are interested in to learn more about it. There are also books on this topic that you might be able to review online or rent from your local library. Get into Medical School: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Application Process by Catherine ColemanLucas Nguyen is a good resource.