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What are the bests websites for Scholarships for Athletic Training? Physical Therapy? Occupational Therapy?

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Sherri’s Answer


Hi Elias,

You ask a great question! I have had a great deal of success with my students utilizing-student aid.ed.gov website. There are so many resources available to students and/or parents. I would also check with the financial aid office at the college(s) you plan on attending. Many times the college offers scholarships for a particular area of Study.

Be sure to have a great bio letter about yourself. You want to express why you would benefit and how others may benefit if you are the recipient. I always remind my students to get a couple letters of recommendation from their prior teachers, employers or maybe where you have been of service (church or volunteer work). Have everything electronic, as most of the scholarships are now electronic. Be organized and block off several hours per week to dedicate for searching and applying for scholarships.

Hope this is helpful, wishing you much success!

Sherri recommends the following next steps:

  • Bio letter
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Search website-gave link-you will see scholarship information and you can customize your search.