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What exactly is pre-med?

Asked Bloomington, Minnesota

I've realized that pre-med is not a major, but it's defined as a path. What encompasses the pre-med path, and what would I major in? #premed #medical

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Tammy’s Answer

Updated Huntington, West Virginia

Pre-med is the course of study you take to prepare for admission to medical school. It is kind of a guiding principle for your education designed to increase your chances for admission into a medical school of your choice. This website has a list of careers you could have with pre-med. https://www.livecareer.com/career/advice/jobs/pre-med-majors

Some pre-med students major in Biology, Chemistry, Religion, Philosophy, English, Sociology, etc. You can really choose any undergraduate major, as long as certain required courses are taken. There is no specific major required for admission to medical school, but you must obtain a bachelor's degree in something before you can be admitted into a medical school. Check this site out for more information. admissions.berkeley.edu/pre-med