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What are the steps of becmoing a sucessful sports broadcaster ?

I would like to have a great career ion that field if the NFL does not work out I still would like to have a major hand in the sport #sports-broadcasting #sports #broadcasting #communications #media

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2 answers

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Karen’s Answer

The best way to get started is through an internship in a small market. Journalists in small markets learn to handle all aspects of the job.  If you are in college now, try to start out with a position with your college's TV station, if possible. Talk to your professors about your goals; they should have connections and be able to refer you to stations for internships or p/t positions.

Early in my career, I started out with internships at magazines and newspapers. I got good experience and made some great connections in the industry.

Good luck!

Karen recommends the following next steps:

Apply for internships in smaller media markets
Try to land a position with a college TV station
Talk to your professors about your goals

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Paul’s Answer

I almost went this path in my career and the best advice I ever received started with this question: What is more important to you? Being involved in sports or getting into broadcasting?

If the answer is sports I'd recommend trying to get an internship at the company that has the job(s) you want that keeps you involved in sports. For example getting an internship with a team, but in any role. Be persistent in your effort to meet and build a relationship with the broadcasting team at that team/company.

If you care more about being on-air and broadcasting I think Karen has given you great advice here already. But ask yourself that question first, because there are less sports broadcasting jobs than people that want them, so you need to start with the right path that is more important to you.

Also consider getting a minor in college in business or journalism. Both are huge assets, business for sports, and journalism for broadcasting.

Paul recommends the following next steps:

Decide what you care about most, being on-air or sports
Get an internship with a team or broadcasting company
Consider minoring in business or journalism