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Taking inspiration from Childish Gambino, how can I have a more open rounded and creative career like him?

Asked San Jose, California

Childish Gambino is a one of a kind person and truly feels like getting to a spot to where he is is very difficult to get to. I want to be able to have the same creative freedom as him. I want to be able to make songs and music and direct shows the way he does.

What steps can I take to become an individual that an pursue a more creative path?
I thoroughly enjoy making and producing music, but I don't know the proper steps since I'm considerable concerned with not being able to financially support myself if businesses are not interested in me.

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1 answer

Vanity’s Answer


My advice is to get to know yourself in and out Childish Gambino is able to tap into his creative side because has gotten to know his self and know what he likes and what he doesn't like. He is able to completely be himself no matter where he is or who he is around. Like when he got the award and shouted out the group  Migos  he didn't care who was around. He was being completely his self. It will take time and experience but once you start with that step the sky is the limited.