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Kyle May 11, 2018 655 views

Taking inspiration from Childish Gambino, how can I have a more open rounded and creative career like him?

Childish Gambino is a one of a kind person and truly feels like getting to a spot to where he is is very difficult to get to. I want to be able to have the same creative freedom as him. I want to be able to make songs and music and direct shows the way he does. What steps can I take to become...

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Kyle Sep 27, 2017 743 views

What are the steps I have to take in order to become a graphic designer for a professional organization?

I’ve always been very interested in graphic design ever since I was younger. I want to pursue a professional dream of being a graphic designer but am not sure where it will take me if I decide to pursue this dream. I’m concerned about the risk of failure if I decide to pursue this or if...