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What kind of medical-related jobs are med schools looking for?

Updated Sioux Falls, South Dakota

I hope to go to medical school after I graduate. I know there is a lot that medical schools want to see on your application even before you apply. I have heard from some other med students that you need to have some form of job experience or volunteer experience in a hospital with patients. I don't know what jobs they prefer to see or how to get exceptional experience. Any advice? Recommendations?

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1 answer

Aly’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

While experience in the medical field is important, medical schools want to see that you are committed and passionate about something. Volunteering at a soup kitchen or tutoring kids are all great things if you are dedicated to them. If you decide to volunteer outside of medicine, I would consider shadowing at least one doctor in your community so you have an opportunity to see what a medical setting is like. Schools want to know you have seen some aspect of the medical field, but that doesn’t mean you need to volunteer in a medical setting every day. Consider seeing if your local hospital has volunteer opportunities, many can be done on the weekends or around certain hospital events. When I was looking for medical experience, I wrote letters to doctors in the community asking if I could shadow them for a day or two. One shadowing opportunity turned into a job that I kept for 3 summers before starting medical school. No matter where you volunteer, consider asking the person who supervises you for a letter of recommendation when you apply to medical school.

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