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If I am interested in becoming an attorney in public-policy making, would it be to my advantage to take off a semester during the 2020 Presidential Elections to work for a viable candidate so I would have that experience on my resume?

Updated Davenport, Iowa

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Kim’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas


I think if you could get on a campaign at a level that you are meeting folks who are plotting campaign strategy, it would be awesome, and well worth the break in school. I do not know that you would get the same "return on investment" if you are a block walker or working a phone bank. Have you considered trying to get involved in a group that is trying to pass legislation of some sort? The research and outreach involved in something like that might be more beneficial . The policy-making process is complex, and the hands-on experience would be an opportunity of a lifetime! (just an idea . . . ) What do you think?


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