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What extracurricular activities are the most impressive and unique for applying to medical school?

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Most students will become CNAs or volunteer at local hospitals, but what extracurricular activities will stand out on med school applications? #applications #med-school #medical-school #graduate-school #college

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Hanah’s Answer



Scribe! Although this may sound like a "typical activity," this is one of the top clinical experience a pre-medical student can choose. Not only to you work directly with physicians, but you go into every room, and witness the physician-teaching style that may inspire you to be a physician. This is your chance to show medical schools that you understand the rigors of what it takes to be a physician and why it inspires you to continue on this path. Yes, the above mentioned are great ways to get your feet wet in a clinical setting, but from my experience, scribing puts you in direct contact with physicians, and thus they can become your mentor and write you your letters of recommendation.

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