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What requirements are needed to have the best chance at getting into Med school?

Asked Lynnwood, Washington

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Hanah’s Answer



CLINICAL EXPERIENCE. Scribe, shadow, and start speaking to physicians. One of the reasons why students don't get into medical school is their lack of clinical experience. How are the schools you are applying to going to know you are ready for the rigors of medical school if you have never shadowed or worked in a clinical setting. Also, how do you know you want to be a physician if you have never experience it. Aside from the schools pre-requisites, start honing in on your passions. This is your chance to try and sell yourself to school in an adult way, why and what you have done, and why you want to be a physician. You may need to cold call physicians and see if you can shadow, most are more than happy to have you, just don't be afraid to ask! I recommend scribing. It will get your foot in the door with great physicians (who would be more than happy to write your LOR) and expose you to a clinical setting you may have never seen before.

Good luck!

Hanah recommends the following next steps:

  • ScribeAmerica
  • Find a physician to shadow.