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Which major is the most optimal for someone planning to go to med school?

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I am considering being a PreMed major since I want to go to med school, but I know that PreMed might limit me if I were to not go to med school. What major is recommended for someone wanting to go to med school but who may need the flexibility to pursue a different career? #premed #doctor #medical-school #healthcare #medicine

2 answers

Hwal’s Answer

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Basically, you can major in anything and be eligible to apply to medical schools, as long as you complete all prerequisites as other application requirements for the programs you apply to. I would say major in something you enjoy, because undergrad years can be a perfect time to explore, and it's no use if you don't enjoy your major.

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Mary’s Answer


Any, as long as you fulfill the requirements for the Med school and get excellent grades in your science courses. I was a psychology & biology major.

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