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Medical Science - Neuroscience, Orthopedics, Hematology and Ophthamology. What should I go for?

Updated Lagos, Nigeria

I'm personally interested in Medical Science particularly; hematology, opthamology, orthopedics and neuroscience. I've not yet made up my mind on a particular one to go for. How do I know the one to specialise on?

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David’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

Charisa, most specialties are not picked until your year of internship is over. I sat on a plane next to a second year medical student from Johns Hopkins. I asked him what specialty he was going to pick. He said that he didn’t know and that he wasn’t real worried about it. I knew an emergency physician who started out to be a surgeon and switched soon thereafter. I worked in orthopedics, mostly in the OR and I can tell you, that it was the funnest thing that I have ever done. The one who holds the answer to your question, is you! So if you want to know right now, start eliminating from your list until you only have one left. Follow your heart and do not settle for anything less than what you want!

Thank you so much David! I really appreciate it! God bless!