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How could I become an artist for games?

Can I create art for popular games?
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4 answers

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Gates’s Answer

Hi there,

A lot of artists who want to make art for games become character designers. If you have a style of game that you really like for example, if you absolutely love Final Fantasy, you should try to create some pieces of artwork in the Final Fantasy style. One thing I should have done more of as a student, was to practice making art in the different styles of artists I admire. I spent a lot of time developing my own style, which is also important, but I could have mastered certain skills by learning from techniques of other artists. My suggestion is that you create two or three pieces of artwork in a style of artists you admire who make art for certain games.

Another suggestion is to learn some computer programs that can help you create the work you want. You may have a mastery of these already, but if not, experiment with photoshop and illustrator and use YouTube tutorials. I learned how to create so many things from youtube tutorials.

If you like fantasy art, here is the website of someone I went to school with who makes amazing artwork you might like

Best wishes,

Gates Callanan

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Kid’s Answer

With so many new and current companies out there the game market is a very hot business to get into.

First you need to determine what is your style and look for companies that are going in that same direction. You start by having a strong portfolio of your best works. You also need a good cover letter to introduce yourself and your wotk.

The most important thing you need to prepair yourself for is rejection. That's right rejection. You'll get a lot of these before you hit the right one. I use to hang my rejection letters on the wall to encourage me to keep going and try harder. You can not give up your dreams or desire to be what you want to be. If you let a handful of rejection letters bring you down then you'll never know the satisfaction of what it feels like when you hung in there for so long.

Go to comic cons, game cons, animation con and any other convention that uses talent, and talk to the pros there about how they got in the business. You'll find they faced the same problems you are facing now, but thru presistance you can make it.

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Joe’s Answer

I would start by reaching out to the concept artists on this website!

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Christy’s Answer

I'm not a game artist, but as a narrative designer I've worked with many game artists.

You'll need to have exceptional art skills, build a strong portfolio, go to a school that has art courses directed toward games, and be tough and persistent.

Christy recommends the following next steps:

Develop exception art skills, meaning that you have all the basics down cold: human anatomy, life drawing, perspective, use of light, etc. You should have a full range of art skills mastered outside using a computer or tablet.
Research the schools that offer computer art classes geared for games. Digipen, Full Sail, and SMU Guildhall are three places to start, but there may be such courses at other universities.
Read articles by game artists on
Look at job postings for game artists on and see what companies require or look for when wanting to hire an artist.
Build a strong portfolio. This means samples of the type of game art you want to do. Be aware that there is more than one type of art you can go in games: conceptual art, 3d modeling, rigging, animation, technical lighting, UI design, marketing, and others.