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Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Nov 14, 2018 769 views

I am in the 11th grade and I am just starting to learn about all the career options that I may be interested in, but I am not sure I have enough knowledge on certain careers, such as storyboard artists, or animators, or just working with anything in cartoons in general, what would be some helpful advice for choosing one, and whats a day in the life like for both?

#career #animation #art #career-counseling #college

Carson’s Avatar
Carson Oct 30, 2018 665 views

Animators Opinion

I'm curious if artists who are already working in the animation field felt going to college for a degree helped them to obtain a job in the field or are employers simply looking at talent? #art #college #artist #animation #job

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Mar 16, 2018 793 views

Am i in a bad place if I haven't worked much with software if I want to animate?

My major would be Animation, but I have only a week of MAYA under my belt. I don't want to fail. #animation #student

Callie’s Avatar
Callie Mar 05, 2018 2149 views

Is Competition In The Animation Field Low or High?

I don't know much about the competition level of animation and I'd love to learn more.

#art #animation

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Jan 15, 2018 954 views

Do you need a Master Degree in Animation

Is it really necessary to get a Master Degree in Animation to get your dream job? #animation #college #3d-animation #character-animation #higher-education

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Jan 16, 2018 7908 views

What kind of math classes are required to major in animation?

I have tooken many college classes to help save for the cost of college but the highest math class I was able to take in high school was College Algerbra. Would I have to Take any further math courses such as calculus or stats to pursue this career?

#mathematics-education #math #animation

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Jan 15, 2018 727 views

Positive or Negative about SCAD

Looking for positive or negative responses about SCAD - especially in the Animation Department #character-animation #2d-animation #animation #3d-animation

Archie’s Avatar
Archie May 17, 2018 676 views

What is the average salary for an Animator?

#animation #salary #graphic-design

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor May 21, 2018 710 views

How would you get into the animation industry?

It feels like getting into the industry is a bit hard, so I was wondering if there was any tips on how to enter it. #film #performing-arts #animation #art #media

sean’s Avatar
sean Sep 01, 2017 827 views

Is it easy to transform animals into cartoons?

When you put animals in cartoon you make their animations look so easy. I don't think it seems that hard to do. #animation #3d-animation

Rita’s Avatar
Rita Sep 28, 2017 841 views

If you want to work with animation and developing a cartoon TV show do you have to take different art classes that require you to draw realistically?

My dream is to have my own cartoon show one day but I am only capable of drawing cartoons, I struggle when my teachers assigns me to draw realistically. #animation #cartooning #tvshow #television #artist #drawing

Lien’s Avatar
Lien Sep 01, 2017 928 views

What is the best field to pursue in the entertainment industry?

I may or may not be going to college next year, which means I need to choose a major. I don't have any interests in any other field besides the entertainment industry. I want to know which field is both satisfying and having a decent pay. Ex: animation, film, etc. However, I also want to know...

jacob’s Avatar
jacob Oct 26, 2016 930 views

how to be the best animator you can be?

because i would love to become one #animation #degrees

Chris’s Avatar
Chris Jan 10, 2018 800 views

How can I, as a junior in high school, gain experience animating to make me qualified applying to schools for animation?

Growing up surrounded by Disney and Pixar, I have always admired animation and the art and hard work that is put into these movies. This being a dream job, I want to be able to work in this field in the future, however, I don't know how to find opportunities within this field to make me more...

sean’s Avatar
sean Sep 01, 2017 921 views

What programs do you use to make villain minions?

I have a lot of mythical creatures in store for my army in a movie. #3d-animation #animation #character-animation #computer-animation