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How would you get into the animation industry?

Updated Peoria, Illinois

It feels like getting into the industry is a bit hard, so I was wondering if there was any tips on how to enter it. #film #performing-arts #animation #art #media

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Keith’s Answer

Updated Vallejo, California

That’s a very good question,

It can be difficult to get into the animation industry for a lot of people. One great way to get in is to built a relation with people who are already in. Check out an animated movie you really like (preferably something recent) and take a look at the names of animators and artists who worked on it, and reach out to them. Check out their portfolios and let them know how much you like their work.

Eventually, you will build friendly relationships with people who are in the industry that could help you get your foot in the door when an open position comes around in a studio.

Another way to get into the industry is to build a positive reputation for yourself. Get together with friends who are also interested in animation and collaborate on a project. Once your project is complete, showcase your to every media outlet, and festivals you can. Then, you can let people know that you are looking for work.

Kid’s Answer


I would start by networking. Join some of the many animation groups that are on different sites like this one. Let others know you're looking to get in.

You can also go to various animation cons and even comic a d game cons. Take your resume with you and a good portfolio.

Good luck