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What is a typical day like for chemical engineers and how would it be different based on your graduates degree?

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I want a general job description from a chemical engineer firsthand. #chemicalengineer #dailyroutine #jobdescription #engineer #chemical-engineering #engineering

3 answers

Sandy’s Answer

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I am not sure that there is such a thing as a "typical" day. Chemical engineers work in many industries and hold many different types of jobs. Check out the following link: https://www.aiche.org/community/students/career-resources-k-12-students-parents/what-do-chemical-engineers-do

For me... with an undergraduate (bachelors) degree, I did the following jobs:

  1. Made toilet paper and paper towels. I worked in a manufacturing facility and was responsible for the quality of the products.
  2. Chemicals & Pharm. I designed new facilities that would produce bulk chemicals (phosphate) and drugs (like Alleve)
  3. Power Plants. I designed and built electricity generating power plants.

For me... with a graduate (Ph.D.) degree:

  1. I did research into new materials for waste water treatment.
  2. I taught chemical engineering classes at a university

Sandy recommends the following next steps:

  • Check out https://www.aiche.org/community/students/career-resources-k-12-students-parents/what-do-chemical-engineers-do

Saumya’s Answer

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I second both answers for this question. Chemical Engineers are versatile and are essentially contributing in every field today. While I was completing my undergraduate degree, I worked for a brief time with a group of chemical engineers who were trying to improve the point delivery mechanism of medicines. After earning by bachelor's, I worked for a crude oil refinery, where my job was to be on field all day and ensure all the machines run perfectly and troubleshoot any defect.

My next role as process engineer was to find opportunities of improvement in existing refining processes. My typical day involved a lot of research to keep me up to date on latest advancement in the field, and running several simulations to predict outcomes of changes.

Chemical engineering is a very diverse skill-set degree and never are any two days same. I suggest exploring which niche field (petroleum, biochemical, pharma, material, etc.) are you in and then try to understand what that field looks like.

Michael’s Answer

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Chemical engineers can have many different kinds of jobs. Typically your first job will have your working under a more senior engineer and learning the process or business that you will be supporting. As you gain experience you'll be more independent and work with customers and or coworkers on projects and other assignments.