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Is this a good job to have if you have a really busy schedule?

Asked Bastrop, Texas

If you do a lot of things to do in a single day or week is this the right job to have? #job-market #jobs #first-job

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Kamilah’s Answer

Updated Huntsville, Alabama


It all depends on your time management abilities.

I work full time, college full time, and army full time. The only things I lack from it is that I don't hang out a lot because I'm mostly sleeping or doing school work on my off days. I work in a call center, so I take time during my lunches to work on homework for school also.

Kamilah recommends the following next steps:

  • Manage your time.
  • Get a calendar and keep track of everything that you have to do month to month, it helps a lot.
  • Make the decision of if you're going to work part-time if you're getting financial help or full time if you don't get help with income coming in every month with the help of family.
Thank you, you helped me a lot.