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Is this a good job to have if you have a really busy schedule?

If you do a lot of things to do in a single day or week is this the right job to have? #job-market #jobs #first-job

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2 answers

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Maritza’s Answer

Time management is key as is mental health. You also have to know when to say no. We all have busy lives with so many activities that we are always juggling. I run around from 4:30am until 7pm and even then I'm organizing for the next day or going household chores. At the same time I make sure when I feel overwhelmed I take a step back and dedicate time to refresh and take a mental break. I also make conscience choices on what I take on and what I have to pass on. You have to find a balance.

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Kamilah’s Answer


It all depends on your time management abilities.

I work full time, college full time, and army full time. The only things I lack from it is that I don't hang out a lot because I'm mostly sleeping or doing school work on my off days. I work in a call center, so I take time during my lunches to work on homework for school also.

Kamilah recommends the following next steps:

Manage your time.
Get a calendar and keep track of everything that you have to do month to month, it helps a lot.
Make the decision of if you're going to work part-time if you're getting financial help or full time if you don't get help with income coming in every month with the help of family.

Thank you, you helped me a lot. Shaylee W.