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I'm a sophomore in college and currently have started a plant business with my boyfriend. How can we reach out to other companies to make clients and sell our plants ?

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2 answers

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Steve’s Answer

Tradeshow meetings, which should be happening more frequently in Florida than other states (so that's to your advantage). American Nurseryman and Nursery Management are two professional journals that advertise meetings. Also, contact the University of Florida Horticulture Department and do an online search for meetings relating to the type of plants that you sell (e.g. if tropical indoor plants, there may be a specific North American group).

Steve recommends the following next steps:

Contact the University of Florida Horticulture Dept (just guessing someone might even specialize in teaching and research related to what you do).
Check trade journals and internet for local and national meetings related to your work. I believe there was a recent horticulture tradeshow meeting in Florida, and they do happen frequently there.

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Jazzmin’s Answer

You could also join Plant purge pages on Facebook and Instagram. I tend to buy most my plants from there!