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What is copywriting as a career, and what is your typical workflow?

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3 answers

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Sherrill’s Answer

Copywriting is a great career and will tap into your creative juices while challenging your thinking skills. At an agency or corporation you will be responsible for representing the brand or product with a consistent voice, demonstrating the appropriate tone and learning to communicate as the brand or product would speak. Also, it is critical to determine your target market, to whom are you speaking and how do you make your copy relevant to that audience? Staying current with trends and all aspects of crisp, clear and authentic writing will help. Taking classes in English and mastering the skills of readable writing will serve you well. Reading advertisements will help refine your skills as you will notice excellent examples of copywriting along with non-effective messaging.

Typically, after learning the voice of the brand and all aspects of the target market, you will participate in strategic planning sessions for the type of product, service or brand which you are promoting. Understand the media plan and write the copy to fulfill the campaign. This could range from Social Media posts to Annual Reports. It is key to understand what the ultimate need is--are you trying to generate sales? Are you trying to build a positive brand image? Once you understand the goal of the campaign, you will be able to clearly and succinctly deliver an on-point message for your client.

Good luck with an exciting career that can provide satisfaction and success.

Sherrill recommends the following next steps:

Take and master an English Class. Read the paper ever day and learn as much as you can about the world around us.
Learn to proofread your work! Rewrite and edit to improve your messaging.
Get a degree in Liberal Arts or English.
Practice writing and ask your teacher to critique your work.

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Carrie’s Answer

As a copywriter you would likely work for a marketing or advertising agency and write "copy" or marketing text to align with the marketing objective, target audience and creative. Copy writing is an important component of the creative process and also factors in the brands voice, and tone as well as potential directives from brand tool kits or guidelines.

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Susan E.’s Answer

Copy-writing is basically writing for various magazines or publications in the topic you are interested in or an expert of. I've written for a few magazines myself on various topics and I've really enjoyed it. As far as workflow is concerned, it depends on the publication and how busy you'd want to be. If you like politics, I think your workflow is going to be heavier than usual topics. Hope this helps