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Is geology a good major?

Asked Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Things you can consider for this specific question...

Are there many job opportunities in geology?
Is there a lot of room for growth in the field of geology?
If you majored in geology, are you happy with your choice of major?

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2 answers

Amy’s Answer


I do not have a geology degree but my friend does. He loved to back pack the country before he started school so with his geology degree he moved to Australia and is now able to travel working in geology. He seems to love it.

Dewi’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

What do you mean with a good major? Different people can have different opinion about "a good major". This is what I can see now what a good major means, it means that you can support financially with your education background after graduated and...this is really important..."you need to be really like (passionate) on what you are doing". So whatever your major of choice in the college you have to be passionate and you will be successful. If you are passionate in geology then geology is a good major. In geology, there are several different carreer path, you can work as a researcher, lecturer, working in the oil and gas industry as a petroleum geologist, geothermal geologist, mining geologist, volcanologist.

Dewi recommends the following next steps:

  • Try to understand what your passion is
  • Research a major that support your passion
  • Have a list of major that allign with your passion, do deeper research on those online and talk to people who has been in the workforce to find out more.