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Freshman Looking For Job

I am an incoming Freshman and to help with finances I would like to find a job on campus but am worried I would be taking on too much for my first year. I am looking for advice, I feel like I can do it but want more tips from others who have tried and succeeded with so much first year.
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2 answers

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Katie’s Answer

Hi Katelynn! Good question! I was in a similar boat my freshman year and did take a work-study position on campus. Honestly, it was a great experience and I am glad I did it. I did not feel like it took away any time from studying, class or participating in activities and it also helped me make friends and feel a part of the campus community (and of course gave me that needed weekly paycheck).

My recommendation is to jump right in and start the job right away. By doing this you automatically have it built into your schedule and won't even know what college is like without it. It is definitely manageable and also offers a nice study break (if you manage to pull of getting a job in the library or gym or somewhere like that a lot of times they will let you do homework during slow hours).

The other thing to remember is that college isn't like high school where you have classes for 8 hours a day, you might have days where you are in class for only 2 hours or so. There is plenty of time to put in a few hours at a job.

On-campus jobs are also great because they understand that you are a student first. With this in mind, they can be a lot more flexible and understanding if conflicts do arise. Definitely use a calendar and schedule your days if you are feeling worried about it. By setting up time to do home work and work you can make it all fit. I worked all four years in my school's dinning hall and still had plenty of time to study and be a part of the college community. Hope this helps!

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Amanda’s Answer

I also recommend looking for a job on campus if possible. On campus positions are generally flexible with your class schedule, so it's easy to work for a few hours between classes or shift work schedules around if your class schedule changes from semester to semester. When I was in college, I took a teacher's assistant position and was frequently able to study or do homework when things were slow. Additionally, the I was the TA for the same department I was majoring in, so it also helped me in terms of preparing for my own classes and studies.

With that said, you very well may find a job off campus that is just as flexible. I recommend clearly communicating that you are a student and your desired work hours per week. If you know you will have busy times (e.g., around midterms), you will want to plan as far ahead as possible if you're not able to work your normal hours.

Good luck!