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Does the major you studied relate to the job you have now?

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3 answers

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Ben’s Answer

Hi Reva!

What you major in college can absolutely have an effect on what your career is, especially right after graduation depending on field of study. Degrees related to finance, business, accounting, and economics can improve your odds odds of working in the financial services sector. Same for majoring in computer science or information technology and applying for positions related to IT. There are of course instances of graduates who majored in a liberal arts degree ending up in a highly-analytical role.

A few years ago, the U.S. Census Bureau identified only 27% of college grads work in a field related to their major. I absolutely identify with the other 73% of those graduates. At Ohio State University I majored in psychology and am currently an IT recruiter. There's certainly some tenets that can be applied to my job from what I studied in college, but my colleagues who majored in other degrees aren't behind or ahead from what they studied in my field.

The workforce is changing at a rapid pace it's possible what your career is 10 years from now on will have little to do with what you majored in.

Hope this helps!


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Britta’s Answer

Yes, the job I currently have does relate to my double majors (Economics and International Affairs)! I am a Transfer Pricing Manager at PwC and my job involves analyzing economic principles applied in an international corporate tax environment. I am thankful that my job relates to what I studied in school, because I thoroughly enjoyed both of my majors.

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Samantha’s Answer


I am currently majoring in Child and Youth Studies. Basically, it is a more broad education major. I have many different options job wise that I can enter with my major. I plan on getting my teaching license and working with middle school children. So far though, throughout college I have had jobs and internships that all relate to my major.