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How do you get rid of discouragement when facing competition?

Asked Dallas, Texas

There aren't many vet schools in the country, so it can be extremely competitive. Can you share any tips when ignoring pessimistic thoughts about one's abilities and worth? Thanks! #veterinary school #graduate-school #veterinary science

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Gwen Hardin,’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

Hi Carolina,

To get rid of discouragement when facing competition is to remind yourself of your strengths and qualities that you are good at. Also, take 5 - 10 minutes a day and do small doses of meditation to remove stress and negative thinking. Write out a positive affirmation about yourself and repeat it during your meditation. Self-care is always important because it reminds you of your self-worth. Staying active in any form of exercise or participating in hobbies and interests removes barriers of discouragement and will also help clear your mind.