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What are the best HBCU’s for theater & film?

I’m interested in going to a historically black college & I would like to know which ones are best for my field of interest.

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2 answers

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Melanie’s Answer

As a former student of the School of Communications and graduate of the School of Fine Arts at Howard University, I would highly recommend Howard for both their theatre and film programs. Many graduates from these programs have gone on to both star in and direct/create a number of notable productions. Howard is also the only HBCU with a graduate film program, which has made it an incubator for cinematographers. Taraji P. Henson, Chadwick Boseman, and Anthony Anderson are all graduates of the theatre department. Bradford Young won the Excellence in Cinematography award at the Sundance Film Festival at few years ago. I have all the confidence Howard would be a great choice for either program and would afford any graduate with a world of opportunity post-graduation.

Melanie recommends the following next steps:

Research HBCU institutions with film and theatre programs. Identify alumni to understand the type of opportunities and roles they have taken on after graduating to see if there is an alignment between your interests and what type of work graduates are pursuing.
Research faculty and advisors at those institutions to identify individuals you may want to work with or study under while in school. See if their research interests of areas of expertise align with your to determine whom you may be able to learn best from.

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Antuane’s Answer

According to broadwayblack.com the top 5 HBCUs for theater and film are Hampton, Howard, North Carolina A&T, Morgan State, North Carolina Central (in no particular order)

Antuane recommends the following next steps:

Research each university and rank them on cost, acceptance criteria, and location