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How many years of college are recommended for a marketing major?

Asked Pleasant Hill, Missouri

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Kim’s Answer

Updated Nipomo, California

Hi Hannah,

This is a great question. From my professional experience, most marketing roles require a minimum of a bachelors degree. And if you are looking to eventually take on an executive level role, a masters degree can be required to do so. That being said, you don't have to just focus on marketing as the sole aspect of your degree. Having a well rounded business understanding is extremely helpful in understanding the role that marketing plays in the overall business environment. At the same time as your career progresses and you achieve higher levels of responsibility, that business acumen will be very important to your success. You can also look at different areas of interest within marketing to specialize in a certain area. Or you can look at a dual major or major and minor options for specific areas of specialization. Marketing is a very diverse and exciting field and the more well-rounded your education the more options you may find available.

Best of luck!

Jeremy Michael’s Answer

Marketing is a very broad and diverse major. Finding out early what kind of marketing you want to get into is essential to developing your career! I interned in Public Relation (PR), Digital Marketing, and Event Planning. I loved event planning and digital marketing, wasn't a fan of PR. But everyone is different! Interning and experiencing it really helped me narrow it down. When I was applying to jobs out of college, they like to see a minimum of 1 internship/1 year of experience from college. If you really want to push it, I would recommend two years of internships. Agencies like to see fresh grads who have interned, and it will help push your application forward!

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