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Jeremy Michael Jimenez

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Brian Jan 17, 2018 625 views

Those attending colleges what can you recommend High school Students?

What are some things a college student or professor, would recommend a high school student to do, or accomplish, before they graduate?

#high-school #college #college-admission #college-prep

Cecila’s Avatar
Cecila Jan 17, 2018 791 views

Who should I ask for letters of recommendation?

For a multitude of #scholarships, I have been asked to provide letters of #recommendation and I am at a loss for who I should ask. I am a wrestler and pole vaulter but I have little faith in my coaches ability to draw up a well-written letter that would help my case. I am not involved in any...

Victoriahna’s Avatar
Victoriahna Jan 16, 2018 723 views

What are the fastest growing job fields?

I want to make sure I can get a job with the major I choose in the career field I want. #job-market #college-major

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Aug 15, 2018 888 views

How many years of college are recommended for a marketing major?

#major #marketing
#majors #college-major

Benjamin’s Avatar
Benjamin May 05, 2018 690 views

Are there any resume items which would make my college application really stand out?

I am active in community service, extracurricular and leadership activities, as well as clubs, sports, and band. Are there any other things I could do to improve my visibility when applying for college? #college-admissions #university-applications #resume-building