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Those attending colleges what can you recommend High school Students?

Updated Yonkers, New York

What are some things a college student or professor, would recommend a high school student to do, or accomplish, before they graduate?

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2 answers

Jeremy Michael’s Answer

Great question! I'm not sure where you are in high school or what year, but how I got myself into college was getting involved on campus. This can range from clubs on campus, volunteering, sports and other extra curricular activities. I personally was heavily involved in sports (soccer, cross country, swimming), band, theater, band, and Key Club. There are so many options to choose from depending on your interests and passions. Volunteering is definitely something that will benefit your application as well, even if it is just on your own time.

Misty’s Answer

Updated Huntsville, Alabama

Hi! This is a great question.

My suggestion for this would be make sure that you have your organization and study habits in place so that you may be able to better keep up with your assignments. College is alot different in high school in terms of assignments so knowing how you study best is number one. Also organization is going to be another area you are going to want to focus on. There is going to be alot more information in a shorter time that youa re going to need to take in so I would suggest making sure all of your notes and materials and area you study in stay organized. Hope this helps