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How do you get used to the College life?

Asked Orangeburg, South Carolina

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Montressa’s Answer

Updated Wilmington, North Carolina

Getting used to college life can be scary. Being away from your loved ones and friends, but think of it as a fresh slate. You can reinvent yourself while you are there if you are shy in high school go to the Student Union and find a club/organization of people with similar interest. Don't go back home every weekend you will miss out on the fun activities that are happening around the campus. Also there isn't anyone to tell you to do your homework or go to class, so STAY on top of business and then have fun once the work is done.

Krista’s Answer


How do you get used to anything? By doing it. Really it is a simple as that.

But a small tip to 'control' how you feel: Focus on the positive and be grateful for the things you have in life. Anything you give your energy to will grow. Make sure to put your energy into the fields you want to grow. Make friends and last but not least: Accept that you are right where you are supposed to be.