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How do I make sure I'm making a difference in the world

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I want to dedicate my career to helping others. I have to be part of the change in medicine #women-in-tech . #tech #startups #technology #medicine#helping

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Haroon’s Answer


Great question! If you're looking to get into medicine and you want to make a difference in the world, you may want to work with NGOs that provide vital healthcare around the world. Many have specific projects that you can sign up to help with. Providing free medicine and healthcare to impoverished people around the world is a great way to make a difference!

Ken’s Answer


The best way that you can make a difference is to determine which career area would be best suited for you based upon how your personality traits relate to those of people successfully involved in a career area and then talking with people who are involved in that area to further determine fit and comfort with that career area. Then when you are successfully involved in your career area and making a significant contribution to society by excelling in that career area, you can also make a difference by assisting others along their education/career journey by participating in mentoring and career exposure programs such as CareerVillage. It all starts by getting to know yourself better.

Getting to know yourself and how your personality traits relate to people involved in various career opportunities is very important in your decision making process. During my many years in Human Resources and College Recruiting, I ran across too many students who had skipped this very important step and ended up in a job situation which for which they were not well suited. Selecting a career area is like buying a pair of shoes. First you have to be properly fitted for the correct size, and then you need to try on and walk in the various shoe options to determine which is fits the best and is most comfortable for you to wear. Following are some important steps which I developed during my career which have been helpful to many .

Ken recommends the following next steps:

  • The first step is to take an interest and aptitude test and have it interpreted by your school counselor to see if you share the personality traits necessary to enter the field. You might want to do this again upon entry into college, as the interpretation might differ slightly due to the course offering of the school. However, do not wait until entering college, as the information from the test will help to determine the courses that you take in high school. Too many students, due to poor planning, end up paying for courses in college which they could have taken for free in high school.
  • Next, when you have the results of the testing, talk to the person at your high school and college who tracks and works with graduates to arrange to talk to, visit, and possibly shadow people doing what you think that you might want to do, so that you can get know what they are doing and how they got there. Here are some tips: ## http://www.wikihow.com/Network ## ## https://www.themuse.com/advice/nonawkward-ways-to-start-and-end-networking-conversations ## ## https://www.themuse.com/advice/4-questions-to-ask-your-network-besides-can-you-get-me-a-job?ref=carousel-slide-1 ##
  • Locate and attend meetings of professional associations to which people who are doing what you think that you want to do belong, so that you can get their advice. These associations may offer or know of intern, coop, shadowing, and scholarship opportunities. These associations are the means whereby the professionals keep abreast of their career area following college and advance in their career. You can locate them by asking your school academic advisor, favorite teachers, and the reference librarian at your local library. Here are some tips: ## https://www.careeronestop.org/BusinessCenter/Toolkit/find-professional-associations.aspx?&frd=true ## ## https://www.themuse.com/advice/9-tips-for-navigating-your-first-networking-event ##
  • It is very important to express your appreciation to those who help you along the way to be able to continue to receive helpful information and to create important networking contacts along the way. Here are some good tips: ## https://www.themuse.com/advice/the-informational-interview-thank-you-note-smart-people-know-to-send?ref=recently-published-2 ## ## https://www.themuse.com/advice/3-tips-for-writing-a-thank-you-note-thatll-make-you-look-like-the-best-candidate-alive?bsft_eid=7e230cba-a92f-4ec7-8ca3-2f50c8fc9c3c&bsft_pid=d08b95c2-bc8f-4eae-8618-d0826841a284&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=daily_20171020&utm_source=blueshift&utm_content=daily_20171020&bsft_clkid=edfe52ae-9e40-4d90-8e6a-e0bb76116570&bsft_uid=54658fa1-0090-41fd-b88c-20a86c513a6c&bsft_mid=214115cb-cca2-4aec-aa86-92a31d371185&bsft_pp=2 ##

Karol’s Answer


Keeping it very simple - helping others. It is up to you now how are you going to do so. You may sacrifice your free time and help other people who need help i.e. homeless, orphans etc... Also you can find a job and work on a product/service which is going to make human lives better.

Karol recommends the following next steps:

  • Find your passion
  • Work hard but keep some time to help others

Tracy’s Answer


What an amazing question! I think the best way to make sure you're making a difference in the world is to always be a good person. Treat people fairly, be open and honest, and help others. Whichever career you choose, if you reflect great personal values you will make a difference. I personally make a difference in my job and community by mentoring others. I also always try to do what's right (treat people fairly). It's worked for me so far! Good luck!