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What are some simple part-time jobs out there?

Just list down the job titles and/or the business. #job-market #summer-jobs #job-search

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3 answers

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Kelly’s Answer

A lot of part-time / flexible jobs in:

  • sales / retail businesses (potential discounts / perks at most clothing stores)
  • restaurant businesses (server, host, barista, ice cream scooper, kitchen staff, etc.)
  • grocery stores (cashier, bag boy, stocker, etc.)
  • driver (uber, lyft, etc.)
  • food delivery / courier
  • gym (great perk of getting free membership!)

I'd say to find something you have an interest in or that could relate to your future college major (if you're going that route).

You could also volunteer or do an internship if it's a field you're interested in but that may not have any job openings. Good luck!

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Sarah’s Answer

I would consider what local businesses are in your community and easy for you to get to (shops, landscaping, restaurants) and pick one that seems the most in line with what you are interested in personally! Part time work is a great way to build your resume while making connections and learning how to behave well in a professional environment!

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Blake’s Answer

Hey Patrick!

I would recommend working in a retail store, local restaurant, movie theater, etc. There are plenty of jobs, but just depends what kind of schedule you are willing/want to work.