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I am seraching for a job but not able to find anywhere. I lost job in pandemic and it's a difficult time for me and family. I was in customer service field in Bangalore India

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3 answers

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Terence’s Answer

It is a difficult time, however there are industries that are continuing to drive forward through the current economic conditions. Companies are still hiring and trying to keep costs minimized, so customer service (CS) call centers in India are likely hiring aggressively.

I always suggest a structured, disciplined job search strategy. It's easy to get laxed about this as it can be an emotionally draining process - applying, getting hopes up, more rejection than offers. It's all part of the process.

I'll detail steps below I would suggest, but I would also add to keep objective about it and do your best on each step. Job search can be a long process, don't take it personal. I often say it takes dozens of random factors that get you in the door for an interview. Once you're there, it can be more random factors that decide whether you get the offer or you don't move on. These are all unbeknownst to the applicant, generally subconscious to the hiring team/interviewer, and again, nothing personal.

As long as you're putting your best foot forward each step, you've done what you can!

Terence recommends the following next steps:

Have an updated resume/linkedin page
Use your regional job boards (Indeed, Linkedin) and create multiple search notifications that send you new postings (daily, weekly)
Research jobs that are a fit for you, a stretch for your next level job and take note of the experience and skills you need to build
Apply, take calls/interviews whenever you can. At the least, it's good practice
Try and remain objective and positive, it's a process.
Thanks a lot Terence Gunjan K.
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RAVI’s Answer

Sorry for your job loss. It affects lives in many ways that no one can imagine, unless one lives in it.
But do not be discouraged.
With every major economic event like Covid, some industries suffer and some flourish. You just need to look for jobs in the flourishing industry.

For e.g: with Covid 19, there are many industries like Airline, transportation, and hospitality have suffered. At the same time there is a huge increase in places like Healthcare (more nurses and support staff to organize vax events and such), manufacturing healthcare products from Masks, syringes, gloves etc, and of course online businesses like Amazon and many other businesses.

All these businesses need customer support functions.
If I had lost my job here is how I go about it, after updating your resume (biodata)
1. Locate companies in the flourishing industries within the Bangalore area or other cities you are willing to relocated (Mysore for e.g).
2. Go to their web sites directly and search for customer support functions and apply.
3. Search for people you know in these companies. I am sure you will find some classmates or acquaintances from the past in these companies and network with them and approach them.
4. Also keep learning other things that can help change your career or learn things where there are plenty of jobs.

Best of Luck!

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Priyanka’s Answer

Sorry to hear that you lost your job
This pandemic brought lots of challenges in life so do not worry much you will get the job soon.
I suggest you to keep trying .
Keep your LinkedIn profile updated and apply via linkedIn.
Apply through internal references if you have any.

All The Best!!
Thanks a lot Priyanka and I will do my best.. Gunjan K.