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Which is best to practice when looking for a stable job in New York City, civil law or criminal law?

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2 answers

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Katharine’s Answer

It really depends on your interests, as well as the size of the law firm you are seeking a position at. If you are looking for stability, public interest work (i.e. working for a not-for-profit) may provide job security. However, public interest work may not pay the most. If you are seeking financial security, you may want to pursue a job at a large Firm - this has its drawbacks as well, including long working hours.

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Blake Ashley’s Answer

Hi Michelle,

The terms civil law and criminal law are broad and cover many different types of attorney work. I'd encourage you to narrow down your interests and find something that you're passionate about. Law school is a great place to take different classes and figure out which avenue of the law is for you.