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What are some facts about being a chef

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Hi Andrew,

It is super cool to see that you are researching the culinary career of a chef! Here are some facts I have discovered during my personal research for this career path:

1.Chefs require creativity AND an understanding of science- Balancing flavors & understanding the chemistry of the ingredients, to compose the perfect entree and perfect menu.

2.It is always recommended to complete classical training to nail down universal cooking methods. After honing those skills, you can perfectly execute and create innovative dishes that reflect your interests.

3.Chef tools are the responsibility and property of the chef- You select the knives you use and care for them too. Depending on the brand of knife, they can be quite costly, so you will definitely want to give them the utmost care.

4.To receive quality ingredients that are cost-effective, it is important for chefs to research, establish relationships with purveyors, and rise early to beat those fruit/fish market crowds. This is typically how the chef's day starts if they are creating seasonal, daily specials/menus.

5.The most important fact about being a chef is having a passion for crafting meals, wanting to serve individuals with a high quality experience, and being open to learning and experiencing different cultures. The working schedule and environment can get tough depending on the eatery, so it is important to be 100% invested in the career path.

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Amanda recommends the following next steps:

  • Research & Visit a Culinary School
  • Watch the film titled "Chef" for an idea of the lifestyle
  • Apply for part-time jobs in restaurants, can quickly learn the ropes and wear many hats