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How is a finance major's daily life at work like

Asked Honolulu, Hawaii

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Austin’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington

Hi Devin,

Really great question!! So your daily life as a working adult will be largely contingent on the career that you pursue. Given that you are a finance major, I am assuming you are looking to be employed by a financial institution of some. Working in finance can be an incredibly rewarding career, but be aware that a lot is expected of you in this career. You honestly won't be working a 40 hour week as your work week will often be 55+ hours so that is something to keep in mind. If you want to have lots of free time then a job in finance is not for you. I have friends in investment banking as well as wealth management and they are constantly busy, have their phones on all the time, and get home late. It is a kind of "work hard play hard" lifestyle that many like as well as dislike. A job in finance is non-stop movement and you can expect to be both on your feet and seated at a desk.

Now every experience may vary so do keep in mind that everybody's experience in a financial job is by no means singular and can be quite different depending on the firm. If you want to better understand what your life will be like in a finance job then I would recommend applying for an internship to see what it is like as well as network with current employees. This will give you an idea of what you should expect.

I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck.