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What careers design living/working spaces?

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I am hoping to find out about careers aside from architect and interior design positions that decide the sort of indoor environment people live and work in. The main concerns I have against architecture and interior design (applying to one or both) are the
-Small pay
-Toxic or unsupportive work environment
-Limited serving of the more common classes

Additionally, I hold an interest in art, craft, design, living spaces, lifestyles, people, and the world. It seems like I am skillful in art/craft/design and in maths and writing. With these factors, I would really appreciate ideas of careers I could go into, preferably for living or working spaces but not limited to just that. If I should not fear architect or interior design positions then please tell me. Thank you very much and sorry for the long post!

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2 answers

Eula’s Answer


Dear Mia H,

I am glad you are asking these questions.

Art, craft, design, living spaces, lifestyles, people, and the world are an unlimited playground, where we are free to explore possibilities As designers we get to extend our imagination in a functional environment that serves people by building and creating spaces that serve basic needs of protection and also emotional and spiritual needs for beauty.

If you are skillful in art/craft/design and in math and writing, you will be successful no matter which specific career you choose.

It seems to me like you have various ideas ingrained in one question. I will try to address them one by one and hopefully this will be helpful to you.

What you are describing, is a real factor. There is competition not only in design and architecture and construction, but everywhere you and I roam in this world. It is not just tied to this one industry or the other, but anywhere you find people, you will also find many different attitudes.

This has not much to do with design and architecture itself, but has more to do with quality of people. Some can be pretty aggressive and less polite. The profession itself calls for collaboration, and there everyone must have at least basic social skills to be able to work in teams.

Deciding for one career or another, has nothing to do with the work environment, which is external. It is more important that you search your inner world, and decide if this is the career path you would like to take.

Have fear for nothing. If you have skills, and can get along nicely with others, then this is a beautiful career to follow. If you love arts, crafts and design, then it really does not matter what other people do that falls short from being civil and fair.

In all places you will find toxic people, it is up to you to decide that you don't want to be like that and exclude people who behave like this from your circles, by choosing a company that hires people with a good attitude.

We are all here to serve our clients, and being competitive has to do with how skillful we are in serving them, understanding their needs and making sure that their building, their homes, the structure that they hire us to create for them suits every function and activity that they need a space for.

Architects, Designers, Builders, artists, doctors, lawyers, teachers, all serve others. You are right not everyone is there to serve the underprivileged. This is a matter of conscience, upbringing, and professional orientation and has to do with Social Justice.

That is the reason that it is so important that one educates themselves, this is the way to arrest this problem in the world.

Do all that you can to study and become a professional, gain knowledge and be your best to be good with people as well.

I hope that the fire for design still burns in you, this is all that you need to make a decision. Do not concern to much about how other people behave, be more concerned about how you chose to behave. This will set you apart and makes the work environment a friendlier place. The better you are with your work, the more chances you will get.

Please do let me know if this helps OK?

And if you have any more questions or concerns..., know that we are all here for you. OK?

I suppose I should push forward in spite of my worries. It would have been nice to know similar jobs but this spiritual advice is nice too. Thank you!

Eula’s Answer


Mia H. Thanks for your reaction and sorry for the long wait. It can get quite busy on this end. As human beings we have many facets, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Financial, Social, Academic. These are all guides for us to use as we sail through life. You are at a very young age, and I am glad that you ask all these questions. Similar jobs in the industry that have to do with creativity and artistry are found in everything that you have to use your mind and /or imagination: writing, painting, sculpting, dancing, (performing arts) singing, theater, acting, entertainment and yes, also infrastructure: building and architecture and of course, design. Some require more logic, some require more creativity. All require both to some degree.

Hope this helps.