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What careers do you suggest?

Hi I am a junior, I am interested in shoes, what careers would you suggest that go along my interest? #fashion #retail #apparel

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4 answers

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Renee’s Answer

You could do all sorts of things involving fashion, you could start off in retail while you're in school to get your foot in the door. You could go to a specific school for fashion design, you could get a degree in business and own your own store, you could even get a degree in journalism and work with fashion magazines. The options are endless. Just remember to work hard and keep your grade up, and get those volunteer hours. Junior year is the most important year in high school.

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Miguel,

Footwear designers help create and produce different styles of boots and shoes. Like fashion designers, shoe designers must have a great sense of fabric, color, style and structure. As a shoe designer, you will likely research market trends and styles, deal with textile and material manufacturers, sketch designs, and oversee the production of prototypes. If you are interested in pursuing a shoe design career, you may wish to also have a merchandising, marketing or business degree as well. A background in business can prepare you to sell your shoes at the wholesale or retail level.

Many fashion designers have at least an associate's or a bachelor's degree in fashion design, fashion merchandising or a similar field. Such programs often include courses in fashion history, textiles, pattern making, design studies and drawing. Some programs might feature specific courses related to accessories and shoe design.

If you are looking to become a shoe designer, you should have an appreciation of beauty, an eye for color and detail, and a sense of balance and proportion. Despite the widespread use of computers, the ability to pick up a pencil or pen and quickly sketch out a new shoe design is a useful trait. While you may never be required to make a shoe with your own hands, pattern making and sewing skills will probably help you in the profession.

Shoe designers work for small boutiques or large retail outlets. You may begin your career by completing an internship or work study program while still in college. You might also begin in an entry-level position as an assistant a design firm.

Many shoe designers will specialize in designing certain types of footwear, such as boots, athletic shoes, dress shoes, or sandals. A few shoe designers may also design footwear specifically for women, men, or children.

Aspiring shoe designers should be very creative individuals with a broad imagination. They should also be interested in and willing to keep abreast of current fashion trends and fads. Drawing and computer skills are also good skills to have.

In: http://learn.org/articles/Shoe_Designer_Career_and_Salary_FAQs.html


Best of Luck!

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jacqueline’s Answer


When it comes to career choice, you want to pick something you are passionate about. A lot of people go into careers for money. DON'T. Something that makes you happy is way more fulfilling and will cause you to love your profession even more!

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Ken’s Answer

This web site will help you get some information:
Be sure to look at the shoe design sketch videos at the bottom of the page!!

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