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What are different kind of jobs a psychologist can have?

I am a junior in highschool and I have been thinking of being a psychologist but I am quite confused on different jobs a psychologist can have. #psychology #psychologist #child-psychology

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Linda Ann’s Answer

Psychology is a diverse, academic discipline which you will come to realize after you have taken your first, Introduction to Psychology course. There are about 4 dozens sub-disciplines in the field which of course means that psychologists work in a variety of settings. Attempting to list all of them here in this answer wouldn't even come close to the diversity of jobs, given the number of sub-disciplines.

However, what I recommend is that you go to the following website: The American Psychological Association (www.apa.org) and explore at the tab that is labeled "divisions." Each division gives an overview of what psychologists do in that sub-discipline. You might also find interviews with psychologists working within a field, for example, to give you some insight into the types of work that such a psychologist does.

There are other resources available (for free) at the website above. Some of the materials are for members only; so if you click on a link that requires membership, it will become clear to you that you cannot access that particular content.

Many people hear the word "psychologist" and immediately think "therapist." Yes, some psychologists are therapists...but most of us are not! Clinical and counseling psychologists, if they are licensed to practice (which requires a doctorate), are trained to provide therapeutic interventions to clients. The rest of us, like myself who was an Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychologist, do not have that skill set; hence, we do not provide therapy! As an FYI, the Division for I-O Psychology is No. 14

Enjoy exploring at the website above. Here's another one, from the Association for Psychological Science: https://www.psychologicalscience.org/. Generally, non-clinical psychologists are members in this organization. Most members are academics who are engaged in research on psychological topics! Some research psychologists are employed by research-based foundations or in hospital settings!

Linda Ann recommends the following next steps:

Explore at www.apa.org
Explore at www.psychologicalscience.org
Send me a question directly, if you care to, after exploring at these two sites.
Have fun exploring!!!