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What classes can I take in college or what should I do in highschool to become a surgeon?

Asked Oakland, California

What classes should I take in college or in high school to become a surgeon? If I wanted to become a surgeon what steps can I do? #medicine #surgery #medical #doctor

2 answers

Jeff’s Answer


Great question. Here’s what I did:

  1. Take every science and math class the high school has to offer. By senior year, you should be ready to take all of the AP Classes and pass the AP tests to the satisfaction of the college you attend. I saved tons of money, and I entered college as a sophomore.
  2. In college, know what the premed courses are and take them. As a result of passing AP tests, you probably tested out of some of them.
  3. Major in something you love. Something you’re passionate about. I majored in Physics because it’s the hardest major in college. I wanted a challenge. One of my friends majored in Religion. Non-science majors appeal to admission committee, for it makes you stand out. Of course, grades and admissions tests matter too.
  4. Get into a reputable medical school. Do well. Learn. After med school, it’s all about your residency.

Ransi’s Answer


In high school you can take biology, chemistry, physics and calculus to prepare you for pre-med courses in college. You need to finish all of the college pre-med courses to apply to med school. You can decide in med school if you want to become a surgeon or a different type of doctor.

Ransi recommends the following next steps:

  • Look up what typical pre med classes are
  • Take classes in high school as prep for pre medcourses in college (math, physics, chemistry, biology)