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Civic Duty
Aurek’s Avatar
Aurek Feb 08, 2022 921 views

What is the most useful skill a mechanical engineer should have?

#mechanical-engineer #engineer #mechanical-engineering

Deanna’s Avatar
Deanna May 15, 2016 877 views

What degrees do you have to get to be able to develop medicine?

When I searched on google they told me to get a doctorate in science but it wasn't that specific. #medicine #science #bio-chem

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Feb 03, 2022 418 views

What are things someone wanting to go into the medical field should adopt?

#medicine #medical #doctor

Angelica’s Avatar
Angelica Mar 10, 2021 881 views

Medical School req

I'm currently 3rd-year human biology and minor in psychology My goal is to go to medical school but my GPA isn't the best. I'm planning to take the MCAT next summer however, I'm told by my school advisor that I got no choice but to change my career plan because medicine isn't for me. I was...

danna’s Avatar
danna Sep 25, 2019 549 views

Are too many or too few people entering the orthopedic surgery profession?

a high school student considering following the path of becoming an orthopedic surgeon. #surgery #doctor #medicine #orthopedic #surgery #premed

frank’s Avatar
frank Oct 25, 2019 425 views

Does it take longer to become a cardiothoracic surgeon?

In high school i was interested in how the organs of the body function and how to fix them. I took and Medical class freshman year, learning about first aid and treating hurting people and what to do in certain situations. I took health science as well and that taught me the different parts of...

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Nov 20, 2019 445 views

What is the best premed school to go to?

I'm a Freshmen in high shcool and I was wondering what college is the best to go to before medical school. #college #medicine #premed #doctor #healthcare

Sebastian’s Avatar
Sebastian Apr 26, 2019 448 views

Do surgeons get sleep deprived?

I've heard that doctors/surgeons don't really get time off and work long hours.
#surgery #medicine #doctor # #surgeon

Dayli’s Avatar
Dayli May 03, 2019 490 views

What classes or jobs did you take after a 4 year college to become a Pediatrician ?

#pediatrician #medicine

Neha’s Avatar
Neha Aug 18, 2018 499 views

If I want to be premed, do I have to be really really good in my science courses?

I have struggled a little bit in high school in my science courses. Will this affect me?
#medicine #help #thanks

candy’s Avatar
candy Jan 08, 2019 511 views

What advice would you give me to follow my steps in becoming a surgeon?

What are some advice that you guys could give me in order to become a surgeon? To be more specific, what classes should I take in college? #surgery #surgeon #medicine #healthcare #doctor

candy’s Avatar
candy Jan 08, 2019 830 views

What classes can I take in college or what should I do in highschool to become a surgeon?

What classes should I take in college or in high school to become a surgeon? If I wanted to become a surgeon what steps can I do? #medicine #surgery #doctor

Melina’s Avatar
Melina Jan 10, 2019 810 views

How long does it take to become a pediatrician? (years of school)

I would like to major in the medical field, i'm in 11th grade. #medicine #doctor #pediatrics #pediatrician #pediatrics #doctor #medicine #pediatrician

Katie ’s Avatar
Katie Sep 01, 2017 1642 views

Do medical students ever get over a weak stomach?

I am passionate about going into the medical field, specifically in the pediatric realm. Every since I was young though, I have had a tough time with blood and needles and don't see a way to get past this to pursue the profession I wish. Is the case for some others when they begin this study,...

Desiree’s Avatar
Desiree Feb 09, 2017 923 views

What are some good colleges to go to for pediatricians?

My name is Desiree I am 15 years of age. I love kids, even babies. I want to go to a college that is going to help me out with this career so I can help these kids get better and make their life a whole lot better. #pediatric-nursing #college #medicine #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare