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How many years did it take you to become a anesthesiologist nurse?

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Christina’s Answer

Hey So if you already have your college degree as a BSN you can enroll in A full-time BSN to DNP program typically takes three to four years to complete. Students pursuing the program on a part-time basis may be able to earn their doctorate in four years, but often have up to six or seven years to complete their studies.

There are also ABSN degrees for people who already have their BA in something other than nursing that takes 12-18 months depending on the program.

If you have not taken your pre req's yes its about 6 classes that you can take in one semester at your local community college. If you wanted to space it out you could do fall,winter,spring, summer session and get all your pre req's done in one year.

I have considered nursing as a second career and I would do the ABSN as it would take 12 months.

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Jessie’s Answer

For prerecs, ASN and BSN school it should take about 6 years. Then CRNA school takes 2 years for masters, 3 for doctoral if enrolled full time. So if you have not started any courses at all, you are looking at at least 9 years of schooling.