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What is the requirement to be a land a job as junior computer vision engineer

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2 answers

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Grant’s Answer

I don't have experience with classical computer vision, but I can answer this from the perspective of someone who works a lot in and has hired people to do deep learning (not computer vision specifically, but I have read lots of deep learning papers on computer vision). I think it is very possible to self-teach in this area, but before getting started, you should probably know how to program and understand basic calculus, linear algebra, and probability. You need to understand how deep learning works and be able to read and understand papers. One test we found really valuable for new hires was to assign them a medium-difficulty paper to read and then ask them to explain it. Also, it will be really useful to have something good on your Github. For instance, one great idea is to find an interesting paper that doesn't provide code and implement the model described on the paper. Be sure to show the results on your Github. (For instance, if it is a generative model, you can show samples, or if it is a classifier, you can show what accuracy you get and whether it matches the results in the paper.)

Thank you for the answer. I am a senior computer engineering student so I have the basics. What I need the most is a quantifiable goal to pursue. What should my CV like for a vomputer vision engineer. But Thanks again :) Mahmoud K.

I would just emphasize that almost none of the juniors we looked at when hiring had interesting Githubs. If you can implement a paper cleanly and make a nice writeup, even if you get worse results than the paper, it should massively increase your hireability. For a random example of what I am talking about, look at this repo: https://github.com/hiwonjoon/tf-vqvae Grant Reaber

This is a great advice Thank you :) Mahmoud K.

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Estelle’s Answer

This is really exciting field with the outlook being really great especially for things like robot vision, automobile vision systems, truck vision systems. I would recommend you look at attaining a degree in electrical engineering or physics. In both of these you could specialize in optics and optical image processing. For a really good job a masters degree with your thesis in vision systems would be the perfect ticket. Hope that helps