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AI entrepreneur, PhD in philosophy, studied mathematical logic, computer science, machine learning, ancient Greek. Lived in several countries
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Ayas O. Feb 27, 2019 224 views

As a french student how can I get a data science summer internship in USA ?

I am enrolled in a first year of Master in Business Intelligence in Polytechnic School of Nantes and I am currently looking for an internship abroad . I want to do this internship in a english country and If it could be in USA would be better. Do you have advice please ? thanks #internship...

#french #datascience #machinelearning

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Kanishk G. Mar 02, 2019 177 views

What are career prospects in Quantum Information and Computing?

I currently hold a bachelors in Physics and have some research work in Quantum Information. I plan to pursue a masters degree in Quantum Computation/Quantum Information. I'm currently worried about the job prospects after I complete my masters in this field. Are there any career opportunities...

#science #technology #engineering #career #physics