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I want to become a lobbyist, tips?

Updated Bloomington, Indiana

My first well-paying job was at a machine shop which specializes in turbines and pumps. So, naturally, I fell in love with the manufacturing industry; however, I have always had interest in government. I thought how I could connect my two interests and a career in the environmental seemed like a good idea. I am currently a sophomore at Indiana University studying Environmental Management, and I want to be a lobbyist.

Now, before I start, I realize there is multiple ways to become a lobbyist. Here is my plan (after college):

First, I want industry experience. I believe starting out in the private sector will provide me with a different point of view. I will be able to know exactly how these environmental policies affect our industry and how to debate my side of the argument effectively. Now, law school is definitely in the question. When do I go? After college? Should I work in the field first? Do I even really need law school? It would be very beneficial... Lets just say, I don't go to law school. Now, here is my dilemma. I have the knowledge of the industry. How do I network with these officials? What groups do I join? What internships do I look for? Basically, how do I become a lobbyist? Once I have established myself, I plan to gain knowledge in, and lobby for, other issues.

What is the best course of action, given my plans, going forward?

I appreciate all feedback. Thank you for your time.

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