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what can you tell me about job outlooks for an interior designer

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2 answers

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Yazan’s Answer

Job outlook is almost irrelevant next to the talent and the hardworking. As long as you love what you do, you have the right set of skills, and you have a good talent as a base, keep going. #createtheoutlookyouwant

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Kim’s Answer

There are many opportunities for Interior Designers, both in residential and commercial careers. My degree is in workplace interior design, I've focused on commercial office space the majority of my career, which has been extremely fulfilling. The possibilities are endless, my first position was with an architectural firm, in the Interior Design department. My next position was with an Interior Architectural Firm, in both firms I designed office space. I loved designing but also liked meeting with clients and finding new business so I became a project manager, with a team of interior designers. This was definitely the path for me, I was able to enjoy leading a team in interior designers. I then had the opportunity to move to Europe, I wasn't sure how my degree in Interior Design from the US would be accepted but once I learned the language I found a position in a large Architectural Firm again in the Interiors department.

I was very interested in learning all aspects of my career so decided to branchout into other fields related to commercial interior design. As mentioned above, I became a design project manager, I then jumped over to construction as a project manager and also into commercial furniture as a project manager. With my experience in all of these related fields, I started my own consulting business as a Design and Construction Project Managers. My focus was to help companies design and build their office space. This is what I do today but now in-house for a Tech company which allows me to travel the world designing and building our new offices.

There are truly countless opportunities for Interior Designers, if you don't know exactly what type of interiors you'd like to do, try different types of design and follow you heart, it will lead you in the right direction. Do what makes you happy and you will have a very fulfilling career and life.