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What is a typical day like as an entrepreneur in technology?

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Dhairya’s Answer

Hi Jaden,

Great question. The day to day in a start can be quite different depending on your role and the stage of the startup.

I work at an early stage artificial venture capital funded intelligence startup. As a data scientist, I focus on researching and developing the AI that powers our product. My day to day is often quite diverse. Part of my time (~30-40%) involves reading the latest research papers in order to understand new AI models and technologies . Most of my time (50%) is spent time developing and coding AI models and features to solve various problems our customers face and running data science experiments. And about 10% of my time is spent fixing bugs and tuning our AI models.

Working for a startup is both exciting and challenging. One of the biggest challenges is continually thinking about how to create value and build some that customers will buy and use.

Unlike jobs I had in the past, I have a lot of agency and the ability to shape the strategic direction of the company. At the same I time I can be called on to do work outside of my role. It's a team sport, and often we all pitch to support work that needs to be done in order to ensure the startup stays running. All the employees, regardless of role or seniority have a say in shaping the strategy and future of the company. We're a small team (~25 people) and often the engineers, data scientist, sales people, and product folks work closely with each other. We try to share customer empathy with everyone in the startup, so that we focus on building a quality product that provides real value.

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