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How do I create my own website to start my business?

My name is tanaishah I'm a very talented person and I would like help to start my own business and Technology because I'm not good at that and I would like to get better at knowing how to work things by myself.) entrepreneur business technology management meaning that I want to make my own company ,I don't want to make a website with other companies I want to do it by myself I'm my own company if you get what I'm trying to say like I understand what you guys are saying like the websites and all that stuff ...but I want to make my own website without going on somebody else's website. information-technology

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5 answers

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Rahul Kumar’s Answer

Hello tanaishah E,

Let me elaborate it for you to make it clear.

You have 2 options to build your website-

1. Free websites builder

How to Create a Free Website-
1. Sign up for a free website builder. Choose what kind of website you want to create.
2. Customise a template or get a website made for you. Choose your starting point.
3. Drag and drop 100s of design features.
4. Get ready for business.
5. Publish your website and go live.
6. Drive traffic to your site.

In this case you do not need to be a hard core technical person but your website will be part of the website builder like

Here is a website builder you can check out for more details-

2. Paid websites (Your own independent website)

Below are the things you need to pay for and invest time in-
a. Here you pay for Domain name( Your website name eg. / /
b. You pay for hosting your website (The domain name hosting on web so that it can be accessible for customers)
c. Creating/Developing cost (If you are developing your own website then cost is the time you take to create it)
d. Publishing your website (No cost as you already have a Domain name hosted without any content, so content is going to be your website)

**Now coming to the development part- Now a day web tech has grown to a good extent and there are plenty of tech/frameworks available to choose from.

1. Angular
2. React
3. Vue.js
4. php
5. Django
6. Vanilla Js with html and css
and many more

For tutorials on these tech/frameworks, I would say you buy some courses from Udemy (cost is less and content is really good)
For 1st, 2nd and 3rd I would recommend course from Maximilian Schwarzmüller on Udemy.

Similarly for other techs you can get good courses on Udemy.

Thanks & Regards,
Rahul Kumar Pandey

Ok thank you 😊 I appreciate it tanaishah E.

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Janardan’s Answer

Hello Tanaishah,

I am glad you are thinking about your future and seem to have great clarity. Starting your own business and being successful, helps not only you and your customers, but also economy in general.

What Michael suggest is best and simple option. It will give your business a very professional look. Now a days customers are very demanding and want best user experience. The sites suggested by Michael will give you all that.

There is an another way to get started to showcase your idea / prototype of your business. This is free and much easier. But, may not be good for production (actual customers). There is a service called Notion. It is swiss-army knife and provides many capabilities. Notion provides simple to organize your life, take notes, create action items, create projects and track them, collaborate ideas with others, and create web pages. These web pages are good for sharing information about your business, offering, contacts, links to YouTube channel or Instagram.

Below article talks about how to use Notion to create website, without coding or purchasing a hosting service.

Thank you and hopefully you can share more advice and if you can explain a little bit more about that, that was help a lot .) tanaishah E.

Go to website Sign Up using your email address This video might help you with sign up steps. A friendly intro to use Notion for School (notes, etc) Video that will help you publish a page Janardan Revuru

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Yayun(Aaron)’s Answer

Hello Tanaishah,
Starting with a free tool such as wix would be a good idea. If your goal is to present your ideas and your business information on the website, there are plenty of companies out there today offer very clean and engaging websites for users to customize their sites.
But, if you are a person who wants to learn the behind techniques such as web development, host domain, etc, you actually can build a customize website by yourself. There are a lot of resources (videos, tutorials ) at YouTube, Udemy, Coursera, etc where teach you how to.
Some web development frameworks I would recommend:
1. Flask
2. Django
3. Angular
4. Ruby on Rails

Cloud services to host your web applications:
1. Digital Ocean
2. AWS
3. Heroku
4. Google cloud

Domain service:
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Michael’s Answer

Hey there Tanaishah. Thanks for the question.

Generally speaking you need several things in order to have a website.

1) is something called a domain name
this can also be thought of as the 'address' for your website. For instance, is the address of this website. In order to have this web site the owners of had to 'buy' this domain name from one of the authorized domain resellers.

I've used but also bought domains from a hosting company (see below)

2) hosting service
you then need some place to 'host' your web site.
Most of the hosting providers will also sell you a domain. For instance, I've used as a hosting provider and also bought some domains from them. You may have seen advertisements for; they are also a hosting company and can sell a domain.

3) then you design and build your domain
Most of the hosting providers have a web site builder as one of the tools you get when you host your site with them.

Another option is to use a free tool - like
WordPress -
or use a service like

Before making a strong suggestion as to which way to go from the options above it would be good to know more about your business.

Thank you if you could explain a little bit more at that would help me but I kind of I am listening to what you're saying so thank you.) It's just you have to elaborate a little bit more for me show me to get the bigger picture if you can or explain more if you want to. tanaishah E.

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bin’s Answer

Hello Tanaishah,

To make long answer short,
what you need to do including following 2 items.
1. establishing a website
2. publish it to intranet or internet.
The tools you could use for above two are
Microsoft Frontpage, Dreamweaver ...
Wish you everything better.

Thank you an I will .) tanaishah E.