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Asked Mysuru, Karnataka, India

Hey guys , i want to start my career as a machine learning engineer . i wanted to know of the steps to be taken to get a job in the field . #engineering #career #job
thanks .

2 answers

G. Mark’s Answer


This is not nearly as complicated as you might be assuming. Not that it's easy -- you'll first have to actually study and successfully complete a degree in AI, specifically including Machine Learning. If you do this, you'll likely be recruited at your school by companies needing that expertise. Alternatively, and probably in addition, look over the dozens or hundreds of job boards on the internet for positions needing that expertise. It will usually be explicitly mentioned in the job postings. Another thing that will likely happen is that when your resume is posted on any of those job boards, recruiters will be looking for candidates with these increasingly valuable and sought-after skills. Now what you should do is, however, not just passively wait for folks to contact you. You may be tempted to relax a bit after putting all that work into your degree. But do some research. Look for hot areas of ML and the various companies -- increasing as they are day by day -- and research those companies. Contact folks who work there if possible. You may find some interesting stuff!

Mitch’s Answer

Suggest learning more/researching tech companies that are heavily investing in this field to see where they are focused. One example is nVidia, learn more here: https://developer.nvidia.com/deep-learning