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How's a day in a graphic designers life?

Asked Toa Baja, Puerto Rico

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Steven’s Answer

Updated Berkeley, California

Hi Gabriel!

My role has changed quite a bit since I was a graphic designer, but back then I would come into work every day knowing I might have any of the following (and really satisfying) things to do:

  • Speak with clients or coworkers about the design challenge we are being asked to complete
  • Doing research into the subject matter we’re designing for (such as a book about software, or a poster about a music event) and trying to figure out the primary thing we want viewers to learn and experience from our work
  • Exploring many visual directions we might take our solutions in, with color, typography, layout, and images or illustrations
  • Collaborating on our visions with coworkers and collecting feedback from clients

There are of course many more things about the job that are fun, and some challenging. If it sounds interesting to you, I hope you’ll keep digging into it!

I will keep on on it , your advice and words will help me alot on my way . I appreciate your time, thank you.
Awesome. Keep it up!

Steve’s Answer

Updated Haddonfield, New Jersey

You can also take UI/UX route. That is a popular path today. UI - User Interface and UX - User Experience will allow you to combine your graphic skills to help design software.